La Géographie sans Regret

by George Christian + Mehata Sentimental Legend



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La Géographie sans Regret (George Christian & Mehata Sentimental Legend) is about exploring emotional grounds, exhilarating here, melancholy there, dark and tortured there, but without regret. Each musical piece seems to have originated from an emotional reality which is expressed in written words and transformed with the same intensity and emotional and moral ambiguity into musical language.

As a collaboration, George Christian was able to go beyond language barriers which could trap him into such territories, and was able to communicate it to Mehata Hiroshi. Mehata Hiroshi was able to match it both musically and with his visual artwork. His visual artworks, likewise, have the depth, sparkle, horror, and exhilaration expressed in the music they made.

Two young artists show us what it is like to be young, risk taking, treading on water, mud, solid ground sometimes, but throughout it all, without regret.
---Wilhelm Matthies

A haunting collaboration from two emerging artists from Brazil and Japan. Sheets of noisy harmony, shimmering textures, microtonal explorations, and voice drenched in reverb seep in and out of existence. Somewhere between avant/noise rock and experimental electronic, this recording is a strange trip that gets better with each hearing.
---Bruce Hamilton


released September 30, 2012

George Christian: voice, electric folk guitar, slide and echo violin effects, electroacoustic arrangements
Mehata Hiroshi: voice, guitar noise & effects, electronics, flute, hichiriki, percussion

Produced, mastered and conceived by George Christian and Mehata Hiroshi. Original pieces written by George Christian, with collaborative arrangements by Mehata Hiroshi.

Artwork design by Mehata Hiroshi:




George Christian Salvador, Brazil

My name is George Christian, I was born in August 10th, 1981, at the city of Salvador, capital of Bahia, in Brazil. I'm a self-taught composer and a guitarrist with more than 10 years of experience. My essential aim in Music is to develop a compositional approach that encompasses not only popular but also the classical fields in an equanimity, and creates a synthesized universe of its own. ... more

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Track Name: Túneis
Túneis (poema escrito em 20/11/2011, baseado num poema original escrito em 2003)

ainda preciso de uma ponte entre a estrada escura e vazia
e o movimento à revelia
as vitrines são como fantasmas de sons supérfluos sem passado
a um novo tempo em descompasso

não há mais perfumes em meu corpo
aonde quer que eu ande, corro contra o tempo
os túneis estão abertos, não cobram pedágios
nem documentos

ficou uma dor nebulosa aqui entre todas essas fronteiras
ao vagar sem planetas
e ela nunca pede licença por permanecer sem ter um ser
a cobrar por um lar


Tunnels (poem written in 11/20/2011, based upon an original poem written in 2003)

I still need a bridge between the dark and empty road
and the movement in absentia
the windows are like ghosts of unnecessary sounds without past
to a new era of missteps

there’s no more perfume on my body
wherever I walk, I run out of time
the tunnels are open, they don’t charge tolls
and no documents

there’s a cloudy pain here among all these boundaries
wandering with no planets
and it never asks permission to remain without a being
charging for a home
Track Name: Abismo de Cravos
Abismo de Cravos (originalmente escrita em 2004)

chão, aonde vai quando me escapa?
tenho receios de que venho me cortando demais.
levado em sua legião de farpas,
de encontros de intimidades de escravos.
acabo de saber que não sou capaz
de ser mais um em você...

expulse-me, vamos, do abismo de cravos,
onde sou muitos, tão cru e só,
traças destroem o silêncio de seus centavos
que você paga para me desatar o nó

a cidade é cheia de cinzas do ermo
que você era quando não era demais.
tocas de raposas lhe davam servos,
era o princípio, era a era, era o fato
que existia até que alguém desfaz
o que há de convir em você...

a fome dos cravos é uma derrota
que ronca canções atordoantes demais...
seu cérebro zera as minhas esmolas
sem vestígios, sem vestidos, sem litígios.
desocupo-me com o voo de sinais
que eu mando a você...


Abyss of Carnations (originally written in 2004)

ground, where are you when you escape me?
I'm afraid I'm cutting myself for too much.
taken into its legion of barbs,
of meetings of intimacy of slaves.
now I've found out that I'm not able
of being just another one into you...

so, c'mon, cast me out from the abyss of carnations,
where I am many, so raw and so alone,
moths destroy the silence of the cents
that you pay me for to untie the node

the city is full of ashes from the wilderness
that you were when you weren't too much.
burrows of foxes gave you servants,
it was the beginning, the era, and the fact
that existed until someone breaks
what must covey into you ...

the carnations' hunger is a defeat
that snores painful songs for too much...
your brain resets my charities
without a trace, without clothes, without litigation.
I empty myself with the flight of signals
that I send just for you...
Track Name: Voo Cinzento
Voo Cinzento (16/07/2001, reescrito em 15/06/2004)

voo cinzento num corpo macilento
machucando-a eternamente com o vento,
e o pai ainda pensa que a segura neste cimento

terremotos ganhos por mortos
destruindo por encherem-na num corpo,
e o pai ainda pensa que a vê com seus próprios olhos

verdes afetos abortados como fetos
abrindo feridas carcomidas por insetos,
e o pai ainda pensa que há sustento neste teto

e o pai ainda pensa que a vê com seus próprios olhos

o cimento de seus olhos neste teto
precisa de uma porta,
e ele a olha, e ele a olha
à luz
de um voo

o lamento de sua filha neste voo
precisa de um pai
que a desperte e a liberte
à luz
de um grito
à luz
ao vento

English translation:

Ashen Flight (July 16, 2001 (rewritten in June 15, 2004))

ashen flight in a peaked body
hurting her forever with the wind
and the father still thinks that holds her in this cement

earthquakes gaining for killings
destroying by filling her in a body
and the father still thinks that he sees her with his own eyes

green affections aborted as fetuses
opening wounds eaten by insects
and the father still thinks there is support in the ceiling

and the father still thinks that he sees her with his own eyes

the cement of your eyes in this ceiling
needs a door
and he looks and looks it
at the light
of a flight
of ashes

the lament of his daughter on this flight
needs a father
that wakes and releases her
at the light
of a cry
at the light
at the wind
of ashes
Track Name: Muito Mais Longe do que o Bastante
muito mais longe do que o bastante 11/12/2008 – nova versão: 14/6/2012

muito mais longe do que o bastante,
perto demais de ter o instante
de surda luz, indômitos cavalos mentem fases ao fardo lunar

velhos demais de tão incertos,
jovens demais de tão despertos,
os olhos nus não enxergam mistérios,
mas suas sombras acordam universos

planetas fogem e colidem rotas
de vidas cegas sem voltas
estrelas em eclipse na longa estrada
de sol a Sol

muito mais longe do que o bastante,
mais absorto e mais vacilante,
não mais homem do que um simples feto ao nadar nos espelhos
quando não há nada mais do que o nascimento

devo ser liberto de tantas amarras
devo ser repleto de novas respostas
devo ser o sol no pó da estrada
de sol a Sol